June 28, 2009

Natalie's Room Redux

We neutralized the color scheme a little in Natalie's/the guest bedroom, still keeping the Hollywood Regency look, but this time employing a shot of yellow in the lamp bases to add that all-important drama. We accessorized with fresh white and black accents to make the yellow "pop."


  1. Love it in every way, how is it that you can combine so perfectly all the styles to please my traditional tendencies and contemporary cravings?

  2. Thank you! I figured out how it works. Start with a large modern piece like the bed. Add transitional pieces like the end tables. Throw in a bold dramatic pattern like the damask curtains. Then you can add in traditional touches like the pillows, bedding, accessories and the chair. Lastly, add a big splash of bright, modern color - the lamps, in this case.