June 29, 2009

Be Your Own Client

I had a revelation this weekend while watching HGTV's Clean House: We needed an intervention! Yes, even someone who makes other people's homes beautiful and functional has dysfunctional spaces of her own. We have been remodeling our master bathroom and, as a result, our bedroom became the repository of leftover paint cans, various tools and strips of unused flooring, etc. We knew it would be chaos for awhile until we finished, so instead of putting our clothes away, we just tossed them on top of the pile with an "oh well, what the hell" attitude. Several weeks later and "what the hell" had turned into "what a mess!" So I hauled everything out of the room, cleaned it to within an inch of its life, and brought in new curtains and curtain rods, fresh pillows and some Mid Century Modern-Regency"esque" pieces to create a serene and peaceful bedroom. Still not completely finished, but aaaaahhhh, what a relief. So the take-home message is: Be your own client. Whether you cut hair or fix cars, whether you paint signs or write ads, take as good care of yourself as you do your clients/customers. Give yourself the gift of your own talents. You will not regret it.


  1. Thanks. The wall is painted a taupe color from Ralph Lauren called Manor Gray. We love it so much that we've used that color in many rooms of our home.

  2. love the geometric pillows!! where did you get the starburst mirror?

  3. Thanks, everyone! The geometric pillows ($10.99 each) and the starburst mirror ($4.99) are both from Ross (Dress for Less), one of my favorite resources for inexpensive decor.