May 30, 2009

Small Changes, Big Impact

I've been adding small modernizations to our house - little changes like new pillows, vases, trays, mirrors, books and other decorative items that add to the overall look. Haven't spent much money on anything, either. The single biggest expense were the two mirrors which now hang in our dining room (yeah, but they were only $25 each!)The pillows are all under $11 each and bowls,vases, etc., have all come in under $9 each.

May 27, 2009

What is AKAPIAC?

A (Apricot), K (Kiwi), A (Amethyst), P (Persimmon), I (Indigo), A (Aqua) and C (Cream). Simply, the colors with which I am currently obsessed. I will photograph and post items that I've been coveting in these colors. Hopefully, we'll tackle a project soon in which we can use them!

May 25, 2009

Seasonal Decorating - One Room Three Ways

Just to see how this room could transition into the Fall season, I used a warm red and neutral color scheme. The addition of reds, browns and yellows in the decor and lo and behold, Fall is just around the corner.

Say Hello to Summer with Brights

Same room as previous post - but this time ready for Summer. We achieved this seasonal change with new, brighter, beachy pillows and punched-up framed art, along with a chunky hand-knit throw, a polished nickel Nantucket-style lantern that says nautical without going overboard, and a lighter woven seagrass coffee table.

Welcome Spring with Pastels

This Spring I went around my house freshening corners of it with softer colors than I normally would choose. In this case, the small sofa in our study was treated to a fresh Spring makeover with some light aqua ikat pillows and new framed art. A woven seagrass end table topped with a black faux bamboo tray with a crystal paperweight and a robin's egg blue plate add some warmth, as do the chocolate brown pillows. Voila ... Spring!

May 24, 2009

Country Chair Goes Glam

I painted one of my faux bamboo chairs black and now it has way more style. I used up an entire can of spray paint on this one, so tomorrow I'll get some more paint and do the second chair. Before, it was two tones - green and brown. Now the black unifies the chair's lines and gives it a real glam factor.

May 23, 2009

New Chairs - Should I Paint Black or White?

I just bought two faux bamboo chairs and I want to glam them up by painting over the country-ish green and brown with either glossy white or glossy black. Which color should I choose?

May 18, 2009

Staging Tips for Selling on eBay

If you're selling anything on eBay, you'll want to take the best photos possible to show off your item. And remember to stage your item in a beautiful setting to show off its best features. Even if it's something you no longer want, you can stage it in such a way that people will want to buy it. I'm selling a few pieces for a friend and have staged them in both traditional and modern settings to entice buyers' interest and show their versatility. Be sure to shoot plenty of closeups, so that buyers can see the quality and detail. Try staging your item outdoors as well; the light is usually better. I don't recommend using a flash for anything. If you must add light, use a high-wattage shop lamp and bounce your fill light off the ceiling.

May 17, 2009

From Shabby Chic to Not Too Shabby

The other little bird got treated to the same white glossy paint, and voila ... instant glamification (is that a word?)

May 16, 2009

A Lantern Sheds New Light

I found a couple of metal lanterns at the same budget store I shop at all the time (I'll reveal my source soon, I promise) and painted one of them with white glossy paint. I wanted to keep going, but I ran out of paint... Before, the lantern was a little country-esque. Now this lantern speaks fluent modern.

Little Bird All Grown Up

I found the two bird figurines at a bargain shop for less than $6 each, and spray painted one of them glossy white to create a more upscale bird who fits with modern and traditional decor ... This little guy went from country bumpkin to way uptown. Next I'll paint his little friend...

May 15, 2009

Previous Staging Projects

I came across some older photos and realized that I've been staging in my home for many years. My tastes have changed - to a more modern asthetic. But, I guess I was born to do what I do!

May 11, 2009

Our First Reupholstery Project

My daughter and I will be tackling a reupholstery and paint makeover on this vintage chair I found at a thrift shop. We picked out some gray and cream fabric in a woodsy pattern and a crisp black rope braid piping. We'll prime the chair and paint it glossy black, then with the help of the new staple gun I just bought, we'll reupholster it with our fabric and hot glue the piping into place (to hide all our mistakes, hopefully!) We'll post "After" photos as soon as it's done.

May 05, 2009

Deck Staging Ideas

Planning ahead in case we get to go back and stage the deck in the condo we've been working on. Ikea has some great deck furniture (prices can't be beat) and the colors are fresh and modern. Can't wait to stage an outdoor space!

May 04, 2009

Dining Room Staging Ideas

Here are a few "studies" for the condo dining room staging, if we get a chance to do it.

Condo Staging Project Complete

We completed a quickie condo staging using a minimal amount of furniture and accessories. We're hoping our client will have us back in to stage the dining area and deck, and to fully stage the second bedroom with an air bed (love those things!). This one was fun, fast and furious, as we had only a few days to plan it. Would love to fully stage this condo, but the client wanted a "minimal" amount done. Still the house will show beautifully - much better than totally empty. Gotta love the power of staging!