April 28, 2009

New Home Staging Project - Condo

Pomegranate Interiors is doing a minimal staging job for a 1,700 sf condo. It was kind of last minute so I'm scrambling for ideas today. We'll be in the condo tomorrow doing our staging. The Entry photo shows some unpainted finishes. But it will be done by tomorrow. The green vases are very big (Ikea). The birch tree photo is Ikea also, and I'd like to put it at the landing to the stairs. This is the first thing people will see when they walk into the condo and I want it to be a show-stopper. I'd like to light the green vases with the branches in them with uplights down on the floor.

The living room will feature the Barce-clone-a chair (courtesy of Rachel!) and the larger version of Ikea's sheepskin rug. The flower photo over the mantel is from Ikea (or something like it). I found a big manzanita branch on our hike last weekend and that can go on the hearth or the mantelpiece.

April 21, 2009

Can't Decide on Bath Rug/Shower Curtain Combo

Should the bath rug and shower curtain be black and white, or shades of green to go with the sage green walls? How about something that splits the difference - taupe and brown?

Master Bath Mood Board II

I made a few modifications in the master bath mini remodel plan. Striped rug instead of floral, lime green, brown and cream shower curtain, dark wood shelves instead of white, different faucet and a sage green cabinet. Thoughts? We will be painting our existing vanity black and the mirror frame is black, so I wonder if the shelves should be black as well? The cabinet is just for extra storage next to the sink vanity. Ideas for towel colors?

April 20, 2009

Our Master Bathroom Mini-Remodel

We're redecorating our master bathroom with a fresh coat of paint, new shower surround, shower curtain, flooring, rug, faucet, mirror and lighting fixture. We're also adding some much-needed storage with a cabinet and some shelving. Here's a before pic and a mood board showing what I'd like to do. I'll keep you all posted on the progress, and ask for advice along the way. Wish us luck.

Brightening a Corner

My daughter's apartment in San Francisco needed just a bit of furniture rearranging to bring the focus to the beautiful marble fireplace on one end of the living room. When I was up in SF for a visit recently, she and I styled this room and her dining room. Once a stager, always a stager, I guess - even when I'm on vacation!

In Home Staging, It's All About the Details

Remember to artfully arrange objects on tabletops, inside cabinets, on bathroom counters, and on a kitchen island when you're staging a home. A stack of books with a small statue on top, a few hand towels or a bunch of flowers in a vase can go a long way to warming up a home staging project. Think about color, texture, form and style when creating a tablescape. And don't forget to pay attention to even the smallest details - like choosing bottles of wine for a table that have colorful labels!

April 13, 2009

Vintage Items I'll Post on etsy

These are some of the vintage items I'll soon have on my Etsy site. I'll post the link as soon as my Etsy shop is up and running!

April 01, 2009

How to Style a Bookcase #1

Display Your Books By Color – You won’t believe what a transformation this makes. And it costs absolutely nothing to do. Start by removing everything from your bookcase and sort through your books by color, adding them back in sparingly. You don’t have to display every book you own, either. Discard those with torn book covers and force yourself to part with worn college textbooks. Keep the colorful, well-cared-for ones. You’ll love how this makes your bookcase look professionally designed.

How to Style a Bookcase #2

Stack Books Vertically and Horizontally – Another no-cost idea. Stacking books on their sides as well as standing up brings variety to your book display. Keeping the eye moving around the bookcase is a common design trick.

How to Style a Bookcase #3

Mix it Up with Art – Add small- to mid-sized framed art or photos to add variety and scale. Adding art can be as easy as leaning a frame against a stack of books, or placing a framed piece on a small easel.

How to Style a Bookcase #4

Bring in Vases, Baskets and Collectibles – A bookcase is a great place to show off your eclectic taste and display collections, odd items, bowls, vases and other pieces that don’t have a permanent “home” in your house.

How to Style a Bookcase #5

Don’t Forget to Add a Touch of Nature – The freshness of a leafy sprig in a small vase or the rough texture of a manzanita branch can bring a modern feel to even the most traditional of bookcases. Explore your own backyard for materials, or pick up an interestingly shaped branch the next time you’re on a hike.

How to Style a Bookcase #6

Box it Up – Nothing says “organization” like a few shoebox-sized containers for storing photos and memorabilia. And they’re so inexpensive. A few artfully placed boxes of different colors, sizes, textures, shapes and materials will add a whole new dimension to your bookcase. Your organizational skills will be legendary!