April 28, 2009

New Home Staging Project - Condo

Pomegranate Interiors is doing a minimal staging job for a 1,700 sf condo. It was kind of last minute so I'm scrambling for ideas today. We'll be in the condo tomorrow doing our staging. The Entry photo shows some unpainted finishes. But it will be done by tomorrow. The green vases are very big (Ikea). The birch tree photo is Ikea also, and I'd like to put it at the landing to the stairs. This is the first thing people will see when they walk into the condo and I want it to be a show-stopper. I'd like to light the green vases with the branches in them with uplights down on the floor.

The living room will feature the Barce-clone-a chair (courtesy of Rachel!) and the larger version of Ikea's sheepskin rug. The flower photo over the mantel is from Ikea (or something like it). I found a big manzanita branch on our hike last weekend and that can go on the hearth or the mantelpiece.

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