August 29, 2009

Hamptons Meets Asia in the Bedroom

OK, maybe it sounds like a stretch, but, hey, it works in this Asian-Prep Bedroom. Love the juxtaposition of the oh-so-preppy tan Hamptons awning stripe with a serene Buddha next door. Asia, I'd like to introduce you to New England. Be nice, now.

Transitional Living Room

We are going for an updated traditional look in the Living Room, bringing in much-needed color and some "wow" pieces that pop. Final execution of this design will be seen on these pages soon!

Urban Farmhouse Dining Room

This is a re-imagining of a Dining Room that we hope to wow our client with. Budget is an issue, so we will maximize his existing furniture to achieve this look at a do-able price point. Watch for the final results right here on Pomegranate Vintage Modern.

Entryway and Deck

These are the Mood Boards for the Entryway and Deck. I'm excited to have found those exact galvanized metal planter boxes for a bargain price! Surprises also await in the final execution of this "deck-oration."

August 01, 2009

New Acquisitions and Details

A few items I've recently purchased, which may or may not stay in the house. Given the opportunity, I would love to use these in staging or interior design projects. The lime green Buddha started out life gold-encrusted. A can of glossy green spray paint later and it's a whole new avatar. The orange horse head was an $8 find at a thrift shop in Silver Lake. Formerly streaked with horrid brown and purplish glossy paint, I think it can hold its head up high now.