July 28, 2009

Long Distance Interior Design Consult

I'm trying something new - long distance interior design consultation. Do you have a room you hate and just don't know what to do with? Pomegranate Interiors to the rescue! I consulted with friends on the east coast. Massachusetts, to be exact. Here's a transcript of the result.

"I put together a couple of mood boards with ideas for your family room and dining room. First off, I wanted to stay true to the age and character of your home, so I chose materials, finishes and shapes that honor that tradition. I also wanted to meld with your existing furniture and wall colors, as well as the rich finish of your hardwood floors. Thirdly, this needs to be a family friendly home that feels warm and radiates your personalities. My goal was to infuse your rooms with color, and with bolder and bigger designs to add drama (the good kind).

"That Kilim rug in your dining room is gorgeous and I think it should get front and center attention by moving to your family room, angled to the fireplace. I would get a small off-white slip covered sofa to face the hearth, keep your coffee table but de-clutter it and display large coffee table books and a low vase of botanicals.

"Keep the bright red chair (if Daniel will let you), as well as the blue chambray upholstered rattan chair. Put them on either side of the sofa. Keep one of the side tables and place it next to the red chair with a piece of white pottery or some books. Accent all upholstered pieces with red or blue striped and solid pillows. Add a bright red floor lamp next to the couch. Black-framed, white-matted B&W family photos and botanical prints on the walls and a set of rich neutral butterscotch floor-to-ceiling drapes will add scale, and the frames add a crisp black outline to echo the new rug I'm suggesting for your dining room.

"Finish the whole look off by bringing in that great circular folk-art mirror you have at the foot of the stairs down to the mudroom - set it off-center on the mantelpiece, and add a couple of pieces of simple vintage white pottery for a fresh look. Green apples in a low bowl add a spot of bright color. Large candle lanterns can rest on the hearth.

"I would move the slip covered wingback chair to rest to the left of the armoire in the dining room and pull up a vintage side table next to it. Finish it off with a solid color pillow (chambray blue) and stack some books on the table. If you want a little more drama in that space, add an oversized recycled glass bottle (Home Goods has them) tucked in behind the table.

"I love your dining table and chairs, but I feel that the rush seat chairs seem too small in relation to the table. I would recommend taller back chairs to match the table's scale. The new chairs add an informal touch that freshens up the traditional feel.

"I would add a large, boldly scaled B&W awning stripe rug under the dining table and chairs to add a crisp tone and to pick up the color of the black frames and lanterns in the family room. You would be surprised what a difference this can make.

"In this room, also, I would recommend the same curtains and framed pictures to tie the rooms together. Pull in some of the same red pillows used in the family room for color. Since you don't have a hanging light fixture over the table, you can go large on a tabletop display. I would bring in your existing iron candlesticks of different
heights and a large low bowl with green apples. Add in a rustic wooden stand. This is your opportunity to create some drama in this room.

"With the addition of the wingback chair, table and recycled glass bottle to the dining room, all that's left is to put some of your vintage china on top of the armoire so that it can be enjoyed even with the doors closed (how's that for compromise, Charlie?)

"The items pictured in the mood boards are sourced from Pottery Barn and Ikea, and you can find similar pieces at Home Goods, Pier One and Marshalls. It shouldn't cost much for this design freshening. Let me know if need any further electronic or phone guidance. I'd be happy to walk you guys through the process!"

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